In the dark corners of the culinary world, Cassandra enjoys cuisine born of gluttony and the profane. Guests feed on human suffering, and attendees savour the sensations of bottle apocalypses. At her latest feast, however, she begins to notice something tastes off… and soon realizes this might be her last meal…


Cassandra is last of the ancient line of Delphi’s oracles, she glimpses signs and omens that portend future events. Like her forebears, she amassed wealth and influence using her prophetic ability, but it wasn’t until marrying Frank that she reached the peak of her potential. Together they built an empire of lies and their control extends to every part of civilization. However, Frank’s insatiable appetite for more had drawn her into a downward spiral of depravity. Ignoring the darker omens, she accompanies her husband into the depths of excess. On rainy days, she wishes Frank possessed the same aristocratic charm John does.


Frank exemplifies modern corporate greed and newfound riches. He is the top manager made manifest, who would trample anyone to get what he wants. And he wants to dominate the world, but without those pesky morals getting in his way. So he built a vast corporate empire with the help of Cassandra and they exert control over even nations from the shadows. In search of new experiences he invited Cassandra to venture with him to the hidden depths of the gourmet world. This is how they met John & Anna.


John is the head of the Illuminati. He holds his position through a combination of personal charm, terrifying intellect and forbidden magick. The smallest of secrets in his possession would break the mind of an average person, yet he always seeks more. Whereas Frank controls the material world from the shadows, John is the uncrowned king of secret societies. It speaks to his personality that his biggest rival in the occult world became his wife.


Anna is the granddaughter of Merlin. She is the oldest of the dinner quartet, having prolonged her life several times over with forgotten alchemy and inherited sorcery. As the granddaughter of the kingmaker, she helped people into power with her magick. She and Frank fought for the top position of the occult world until they called a truce and got married . However, she had honed her hunger to a knife’s edge and her appetite is insatiable. She yearns to be more than just John’s queen.


Darcy is seemingly a regular waitress in her late 50s who has seen everything the world has to offer. Nothing perplexes her these days, not even the most powerful men and women when they show up in the roadside diner she works at. After all, they receive weird guests and even weirder requests all the time. Since the diner is understaff, she helps out with kitchen work.


Doe (they/them) is the owner of the diner and its chef. They are as much a part of the diner as it is part of them. The gods are greedy and if a mortal satisfied their appetite, they will ensure they will return to flesh in one form or another. Doe is one such individual. They no longer know who they were originally, but they are the distilled knowledge of countless lives spent cooking for the myriad unspeakable horrors lurking beyond reality.