Prince Hamnet Aragan heads to the world of Pushtosh to recruit a band of mercenaries to protect his throne from a bloodthristy uprising. To win their aid, however, he must endure a series of desensitizing challenges – and enter their strange cult of numerology if he is to survive regicide…


Hamnet Aragan (Male, 18-24): Young Prince Hamnet is the Heir to the Throne of Terrus.  Although trained at the Terrus military Academy he has lived mostly a life of luxury and privilege, and his carefree, overconfident attitude shows it.  He is prone to rash decisions and high emotions, but is fiercely committed to his father’s mission.  Note: if possible, a posh British accent.
Delphus Rolfe (Male, 18-24): Delphus is Hamnet’s childhood best friend turned personal equerry.  As someone not of royal blood his attitude towards power is far more reserved and cautious, and he is more than satisfied to act as Hamnet’s servant, advisor, and confidant.  He is intensely loyal to Hamnet, who he views as not only his prince, but also his brother.  Note: if possible, a Londoner British accent.
Klaus Aragan (Male, 18-24): Klaus is the second son of Yergen Aragan, Hamnet’s uncle, who is seeking to usurp the Throne.  Arrogant and cruel, Klaus exhibits nothing but guile and ruthless in pursuit of his mission to secure the Numbered to his father’s rebellion.  Note: if possible, a posh British accent
The Major (Male, 40-50): The Major is a representative of the Numbered, and exemplifies their utter lack of emotion or sentiment.  He speaks almost like a robot in a deep, clipped meter.  However, occasionally the Numbered’s deep-seated grudge against the Throne comes across in an undercurrent of anger.  Note: if possible, a Slavic accent.
The Autarch (Male, 50-60): Hamnet’s father, master of the Throne of Terrus, is a callous, driven, and ruthless monarch.  He cares only for maintaining his dynasty’s ancestral power, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Note: if possible, a posh British accent.