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The “cold open” is a storytelling technique which throws the reader directly into the action to build up a sense of danger, humour, or mystery.

Discover immersive fiction meant to thrill fans of Love, Death & Robots, Memories, Heavy Metal, and Black Mirror.

Stories worth telling.

The Black Collection - Now on Kickstarter

The Black Collection

A profane dinner party that feeds on pain... Cultish mercenaries obsessed with numbers... A highway detour past Area 51... Travel into each of these worlds with the new immersive audio drama and ebook Kickstarter.


Building immersive experiences

Short fiction

The short story is an exercise in brevity, tension, and technique. Explore new worlds and characters who are quirky, artisanal, weird, or unconventional - all within a quick read.

Audio Dramas

Audio dramas are not just an audio version of a text – they are a dramatization of it. Go beyond the traditional narration or audiobook. Enter an auditory space for your imagination.


Telling independent stories

Cold Open Stories provides a home for writers and performers who want to step beyond the typical expectations of genre fiction. 
With Originals we provide audiences with an immersive experience, driven by short fiction that is free of advertiser influence.

Dark Fantasy

Incorporating dread-laden and frightening themes, discover tales that unpack the gloomy and grimdark atmosphere of fantastical realms set in another realm not too different than our own.


Explore stories of post-modern societies, unsettling near-futures, and speculative cities where humanity's cruel instincts are displayed in weird and strange ways.

And More...

Witness the combination of genres and themes - mixed and matched to create something unique. Horror-comedies, western-thrillers - each combination is a path to exciting mash-ups.


Where you've seen our talent

Cold Open Stories has collaborated with authors and voiceover artists from around the world. With an emphasis on character and immersive fiction, we’ve created a home for emerging talent and veterans to find their voice, show off their skills, and take the next step in their creative journey.